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UOB Global Capital offers its clients a range of asset management and product expertise through strategic alliances, partnerships and affiliate companies:

Traditional Asset Management
(equity and fixed income)

UOBGC offers a range of both U.S. and Global long only equity products as well as a range of Asian equity and fixed income products. The Asian equities are managed or sub-advised by an affiliate which also advise Asian fixed income strategies including a Renminbi "dim sum" product.

Private Equity and Venture Capital

Through our affiliate and joint-ventures, UOBGC has a series of Asia venture capital and private equity products. These product portfolios consist primarily of direct private equity investments in unlisted companies, with a geographical scope spanning the Asia Pacific region.

Fund of Funds
The UOB Pan Asia Fund of Funds offers investors access to Asian Private Equity opportunity covering China, Hong Kong, Singapore, ASEAN Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, India, Australia and New Zealand.

Hedge Funds

UOBGC has developed a multi pronged strategy in this growing market sector. This strategy includes a number of strategic alliances for single strategy hedge funds covering both the equity and fixed income sectors. UOBGC provides a market support platform and asset raising capability to further the growth of the hedge funds which include both pre and post launch support. UOBGC is intimately involved in the compilation and production of presentation material, due diligence questionnaires and general marketing support. UOBGC is active in establishing contact with investors, organizing and participating in national and international road shows and following up with those investors.

Real Estate

UOBGC has partnerships with one of the largest commercial real estate specialists on the East Coast as well as with a well-established residential real estate operator specializing in multi-family housing communities.

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